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Ripple Control Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start to set up Ripple Control, please check the following items
  • Please place Ripple Control near the Wifi AP (Recommended within 3 meters during pairing process)
  • Please set your WiFi AP for 2.4GHz Channel
  • Please set your WiFi’s SSID within 29 English digits/ 9 Chinese / Japanese characters
  • Ripple Control does not support the "hidden" SSID
I apply for EQL Ripple account, but I didn't receive a confirmation email?
  • Please check your spam inbox.
  • We recommended to use Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or other commonly used free email address. (You might not be able to receive a confirmation, if the email is provided by confidential server or corporation, etc.)
After receiving confirmation email and click on the link, but the message shows it already expired?
App cannot find any Ripple Control?
  • Please check the Wifi AP is set for 2.4 GHz Channel.
  • Please place Ripple Control near the Wifi AP (Recommended within 3 meters during pairing process)
  • Please restart the Wifi AP.
  • Please reset Ripple Control by pressing the reset button on the back of Ripple Control until the blue light flashes. Once the blue light is off, you can restart the APP and start to add Ripple Control.
Failed to add Ripple Control
Ripple Control’s light status during update process
  • Yellow light flashing: firmware upgraded
  • Yellow light off: firmware upgrade is completed
  • Blue light on: Ripple Control restarting
  • Blue light off: Ripple Control upgrade is completed
Ripple Control firmware upgrade failed?
Ripple Control is offline, (The light status is flashing in red that is disconnected from the WiFi Network)
  • Please check the network connection (you can try to restart the WiFi AP)
  • Please restart Ripple Control (replug the power)
  • Please confirm that there is no change in your WiFi setting (e.g. SSID or passwords)
  • If there is any change, please follow instructions in the app to "change wireless network"
Return to the factory setting mode (Reset)?
  • Please connect Ripple Control to the power supply. After the blue light is off, insert the pin into the reset bottom on the back of Ripple Control. Press and hold until the blue light is on, then release and wait for the blue light to go off, which will restore the factory settings.


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