Remote Monitoring

Dashboard Report

-Allow front desk receptionist to monitor, track and control the status of hotel rooms via easy-to-use customizable widgets.

-Facilitate the hotel staffs to deal with things in a more efficient way.

Appliance Control

-Providing brand new experience for hotel guests to control appliances such as air-conditioner, TV, air purifier, lighting and other devices within one app.

-Guests can set-up room automation based on their personal preferences.

-Hotel guests can also use voice assistant to control room appliances.


-Remotely manage security issues and monitor energy usage, such as sensors track temperature and humidity as part of a low-cost environmental monitoring system.

-Use smart lock to monitor overall room access. During the staying, guests can get their room access via app.

- Improve the power consumption rate and achieve a good saving effect.

Smart Life , Smart Living!
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